November 21, 2015

Members of the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company loaded up and took trip out to east end of Prince William County to staff Engine and Truck 513 for the night so the members of the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department could attend their annual installation of officers. After arriving around 1400hrs members started checking out the apparatus, while the officers handed out riding assignments and the probationers argued about who was going to be on watch for the night, the station was giving the MVFC special cleaning treatment. Members spent several hours cleaning the bay floors, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the living quarters, all while taking in several calls for service.

Around 1900hrs Engine 518 (Co.8) Engine 520 (Co.7), and Rescue 510(Co.2) started to arrive at the Quarters of Engine and Truck 13 where the installation was being held. Fill in crews were treated to a deliciously prepared meal, and were relaxing out front of the firehouse telling "war stories" before a MVFC voice came across the intercom "18 Apartment" Members quickly jumped on and were headed out the door. At 2145hrs Box Alarm 18-57 was transmitted for the apartment fire in the 12000 block of Tadworth Pl. Engine and Truck 513 arriving as the first due engine and Truck, found a 3 story apartment building, members briskly stretched to the 2nd floor where they found no signs of fire. Units went ready at 2215 and returned to quarters a short time later.

After about 4 trips to the local Sheetz for things only fireman will understand, things started to settle down. Members started taking up spaces on the couch in the day room for hopefully a much more quite evening then what had already occurred. It wasn't even 5 min before Box 1808 was transmitted for the Medic Local in the 5300 Block of Qualey Ln. Engine and Medic 513 arrived on location to find an adult female in labor. A quick assessment was completed and it was determined that the baby would be arriving into this world at any second. Engine and Medic 513 helped to deliver a healthy baby boy named "Lucas".

As members were finally getting some much needed sleep Box Alarm 10-05 was transmitted for the Town house fire in the 14000 block of Barksdale St. Bringing Engine and Truck 513 as second due engine and truck. Rescue 510 (Co. 2) arrived on scene first with a 2 story end of the row town house with heavy fire showing from the first floor and started conducting a search of the fire floor. Engine 510 (Co.25) arriving as the first due engine laid in from a nearby hydrant and stretched a line to side a. Engine 513 arrived seconds after Engine 510, and quickly stretched a backup line to the second floor while Engine 510 was hitting the bulk of the fire from the front door. Truck 513 arrived and split crews, throwing multiple ladders to the fire building and exposures.

A special thanks the DCVFD for the invitation.